4″ LM13P5

Size (inch)

Size (mm)

Body Material

Cutter Count

Cutter Size


Cutter Type

Gauge Protection

Jet Nozzles

Fixed Ports (4), Slit (1)

Make Up Torque

1800-2000 ft-lbs

Weight on Bit

200 – 2000 lbs/in., diameter

Pin Connection

2 3/8 API Regular





Shipping Weight


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Lightning © Matrix body

The Lightning® Matrix body bits are manufactured with a cast bit body of Proprietary tungsten carbide matrix powder bonded with a copper-nickel alloy binder using the quality control standards. This process ensures Lightning® DDI matrix body bits are built to last with outstanding abrasion resistance combined with high strength. This combination makes these bits ideal for general purpose through the hard and abrasive applications and extends PDC bit limits into more variable geologically demanding applications. That gives Customer a chance to reuse the bit to drill more wells and save more funds. PDC Cutting arrangement gives Bit better stability, ROP and durability.