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Innovation has been part of our DNA since Diamond Drilling Industries Inc. was formed in 2000 conceived ground-breaking inventions that revolutionized the drilling era. Since those earliest advancements, we’ve never stopped researching for new solutions to conquer the next frontier. In 2001 Sonny Beauchamp President & CEO traveled the world in search for new and used drilling equipment. In 2006 he developed an affordable PDC Bit that revolutionized the drilling industry and modernized it. In the later part of 2006 Sonny Beauchamp introduced the first Matrix Body PDC Bit to the Water Well, Mining and Geothermal Drilling Industry that dramatically improved the rotary drilling process with affordable prices saving time and money for everyone. Diamond Drilling Industries (DDI) continued to lead the industry with innovative products and related drilling services. Within the time DDI has acquired and integrated numerous drilling technologies up to date. We are recognized in 17 countries around the world for our professionalism, high standards, innovative products and practical solutions. To make sure that the customer is completely satisfied we provide the right products for the right price and for the right job.

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