Experience the Difference

Sonny Beauchamp
03 August 15
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Experience the Difference of PDC Bits! Call us today at 817-561-5040 or visit https://ddibits.com to learn more.

10 Reasons why PDC Bits are better than Tri-cone Bits:

  1. Faster drilling and better performance
  2. Triple the rate of penetration
  3. You will never lose a cone in the hole
  4. Thousands of hours of bit life
  5. Thousands of dollars of fuel savings
  6. Shorter time on the job
  7. Employees work less, which means more money in your pocket
  8. Less wear and tear on your rig
  9. Less competition in bidding your next job, because we are changing the way you operate
  10. Rebuilds are less than 5% of original cost


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