PDC Volcano Bits

Sonny Beauchamp
21 July 15
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The DDI Volcano PDC hole opener offers an improved process for enlarging and cleaning the pre drilled pilot hole for future installation of (including but not limited to) gas pipeline, waterline, sewer line, telecom products, etc. The DDI Volcano PDC hole opener is a drill bit that can either be pulled or pushed, while being rotated, by an HDD drilling rig through the predrilled pilot bore. As the drilling rig rotates the bit, the PDC cutters scrape and cut the rock formation. As the PDC cutters shear the rock, nozzle ports that are installed in the junk slots of the bit are situated in a specific configuration that allows the drilling rig to pump drilling fluid through, thereby flowing the rock cuttings back to the surface.

Rate of penetration (ROP) is always a major issue for boring contractors. Low ROP (for example, 3 to 5 ft per hour) is primarily a result of the high compressive strength of the highly overburdened formations. Initially, the tri-cone bits with hardened inserts used for drilling hard formations at shallower depths were applied as wells went deeper. However, at deeper depths it is harder to know when a tri-cone bit’s bearings have failed, a situation that can occur more frequently when more weight is applied to the bit in a deep well. This can lead to timely failures, lost cones, more frequent trips, higher costs and lower overall rates of penetration. A PDC drill bit can triple the rate of penetration due to extended hours of bit life, no moving components, less wear and tear on rigs.

In addition to the increased rate of penetration, the DDI Volcano PDC Hole Opener/Reamer solves several other major issues that HDD drillers continually face:

Loss of Cone Cutters Down Hole

  • _It is a common occurrence for drillers to lose cones from their tri-cone reamers. This happens for a variety of reasons. Whether it is poor construction of the tool, overuse or other extenuating circumstances, cone loss is a constant and looming threat. Having this happen on a bore can be catastrophic. This causes the need for the drilling company to either fish out the lost cone, and in some cases, start the bore again from scratch. All of this is done at the cost of the drilling company.
  • _Since there are no moving components on the DDI Volcano PDC Hole Opener/Reamer, there is nothing to break and fall off down hole.

Fuel Usage

  • _The longer a drilling company spends on a jobsite and more support vehicles that are needed, fuel costs can soar into the hundreds of thousands of dollars. A bit with a slow rate of penetration only elongates the duration a drilling company spends onsite.
  • _Recent figures have shown a 40 to 60 percent fuel savings while running the DDI Volcano PDC Hole Opener/Reamer. The faster rate of penetration, the greater the fuel savings.

Labor and Housing Costs

  • _Both labor and housing costs follow the same logic as in the fuel usage example. The longer a company spends on a job, the more their labor and housing costs.
  • _If a company can shave days or weeks off of their job, the savings are enormous.

With no moving parts, PDC Bits and PDC Hole Openers can be used in a variety of conditions without the fear of losing cones or parts in the hole. They can be custom manufactured and are available in a wide range of size and thread combinations to meet specific project requirements.

The advantages of using a PDC Bit and PDC Hole opener include:

  • Better Performance
  • Smoother Drill Operation
  • Integral Design
  • No Weld-On Components
  • No Moving Parts

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