Size 5 1/4" - 133.4 mm Type SM613P7 DDI Storm®

The Storm® line of PDC bits specially designed for Water Well, Geothermal, Geotechnical, Mining and Shallow Oil & Gas industry. To build Storm® line of PDC bits DDI was using Matrix material which gives supreme tolerance against formation interactions and resistance to washouts of the bit body because of drill fluid circulation, which extends PDC bit limits into more variable geologically demanding applications. That gives Customer a chance to reuse the bit to drill more wells and save more funds. PDC Cutting arrangement gives Bit better stability, ROP and durability.

Spec Sheet

Body Material : Matrix
Blade Count : 6
Cutter Count : 28
Cutter Size: 13x08
Cutter Type : Diamond Cylinder
Gauge Protection : Impregnated Diamonds
Gauge Cutters : 30
Shank Length : 2 3/4
Body Length: 6 1/4
Make Up Torque : 3100-3400 ft.-lbs
Pin Connection: 2 7/8" API Regular
RPM: 50-300
Formation : Medium

DDI offers both steel and matrix bodied PDC drill bits for a wide range of drilling applications. Our team specializes in application analysis and customized product development